Our Mini Shop Est. 2021
Our Vision


Our vision is to develop a community where all individuals can feel comfortable learning about crystals. As we continue to grow, we are constantly seeking and developing opportunities that make learning about crystals more enjoyable and convenient.

As of today, we have a combined online community of over 276,000 individuals that we strive to teach and educate about crystals. In like manner, we are continually learning and expanding our knowledge in crystals with the aid from our community.

Overall, our goal is to create a common place for all individuals to learn and teach about crystals, regardless of their expertise, and hopefully contribute to the expanding crystal community.

Couple-owned & operated

Ethically sourced crystals

Established in 2021

Our Start to Present Journey

January 2021

The Initial Push

As crystals became more widely popular, we decided to start a company centered around selling crystals and teaching about them along the way.

February 2021

Posting our First Tik-Tok

After posting our first video on Tik-Tok, we were lucky enough to receive a great deal of feedback, which led us to believe that we were on the right track.

April 2021

Growing our Product List

After a few months of research, we were able to develop a solid product list that took in the best interest of our customers and suppliers.

November 2021

Our Biggest Launch

As we approached the last few months of 2021, we prepared for our biggest crystal launch for the Christmas season. The launch was successful and put us in a strong position for the next year.

Present day

Expanding the Company

As of today, we are continually expanding the company. We are doing so by finding new ways to reach our customers, taking in feedback in regards to products and ethics, and improving on the overall customer experience.